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Fall time reds


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Love this time of year.  Reds are hungry and water looks great.  

First things first.  Load everything up the night before.  

check list

  • Beer
  • Gas
  • A bottle of water
  • Crackers and Vienna sausage
  • flies with shiotty rusted hooks because I like to see how many fish I can catch on one fly
  • dry rotted leaders and cracked fly line
  • wool socks
  • crocs
  • towel
  • wet wipes
  • Beer
  • Patagonia and Simms gear only
  • Over price fly rods
  • Way over priced reel that looks cool as **** but I really don't even need one.
  • buff
  • wade boots
  • extra over priced rod and real because I'm a high sticker. (happens when you're short, **** off)
  • canoe
  • anchor that I never use
  • paddle/pushpole
  • registration up to date? close enough
  • etc. etc. etc..

All I wanna do is go catch a fish... this is a lot of fricken work.  son of a...
loaded all up the night before... sure makes it easier.  Get coffee and go.  Maximize sleep time for better fishing performance and the *********** never ending astros game.

quick weather check... Looks like we might be ok

first one was right away.  

bad lighting
good lighting.  pay attention


weather turned for the worst.  See that ripple on the water?



Fished for 5 hours or so... Caught 10 plus fish. A few biggens too.  Back to the house and eating fresh fish taco by 1 pm.

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