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Happy Lappy

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You still have room to tie a weed guard, but I would think it will get nailed on the drop. Great looking fly! I use Loon UV for quick bodies and for sealing wraps. How long does Clear Goo need to set?

The Loon UV is like three seconds after hitting it with the UV light.

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You might be able to tie a V in at the eye at this point. I like to tie in a piece of 15-20# mono at the bend and loop it to the eye to form a guard.

I noticed in the close-up that the hook has been compressed in a couple places. Be careful how much pressure you exert with the vise so the hook isn't damaged. It can happen easier than you might expect. Just my $.02

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Thanks for all compliments. Here's a variety of colors I tied a few weeks ago. Just picked up some large rattles this week and we'll see how they work with the shrimp. Thanks guys.







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