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1996 19' Tunnel


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i'm very curious about your engine...if that is a four-stroke...we probably have a lot to talk about...i'm not considering a re-power just yet, but probably in a year or two...

here is mine floating for comparison...about the same, i guess.....

that red looks cool....would look neat behind my red x. is that the color you went back with?


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I'm painting her ice blue. Coming back with snow white top side. I am honestly shocked at how skinny she will run. She will run with the motor that high for short periods of time and will plane out with it half way up. I have been VERY pleased with her performance. I am able to fish as shallow as the new 16s and am able to cross the bay in 30 knot winds. my vacation home is a few miles from the mainland and it gets super bumpy on a east or west blow. I'll get a little wet, but have never felt unsafe. As far as how she sits in the water. I have always felt she siste a little heavey in the stern. I do have a trolling motor battery forward.

As far as the power goes, It is a 07 Yamaha 115 four stroke. the weight was a little more but I was able to 86 the oil tank that went with my 2 stroke. Not a major difference in weight over all. I did have to raise my polling platform 5 inches. Quite frankly it is an improvement. The platform is so huge that stability is not a problen and I now have better visibility. I currently have taken the trolling motor and backrest off. Makes for better fishing, just a little more work in the polling department.

I have also had a custom Frigid Rigid built flush with the foredeck with non-skid on top. It's a HUGE box, but I stay away from the mainland for several days at a time and good ice is a premium. It also makes a very stable casting platform for my anglers. I can have two anglers elevated for sight casting at one time.

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yeah, i hear ya.....as happy as i am with mine, i can't figure out why they stopped making this model.....??? or some version of it...i've been pleasantly surprised with the shallow performance.....when i decided to buy this boat, i had accepted that it wouldn't float or run so shallow at almost 20ft. boy, was i wrong....

the actual hewes market is probably not looking for super super shallow performance where every inch matters....i know back in pensacola, i would never need a boat to float this shallow! but texas has some serious shallow ground....it's amazing how such huge bays can be so shallow....for miles!! i think all of east matagorda is 1.2ft.......at least to the sonar on mine!

i tell ya, compated to the tailfisher i was gonna buy, this thing has waaaaaay more room...three can fish off of mine super easy....i can hold four also, if they are good friends.

i wonder how many of these boats they actually made?

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