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1993 Bonefisher


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I have a lead on a 1993 Bonefisher with a 2013 Evinrude ETEC 90 w/ 200 hours.  The price is right, the boat has had a new rewire as well as new switch panel and switches for all electronics, new live well and bilge pumps.  Can anyone give me any reason i should not buy?  I am going to be fishing in the panhandle of FL, mostly poling for reds on fly, but also fish live bait when pilchards are in.  I do cross some open water in Apalachicola/St George area so something that could take chop decent would be nice.  What should I expect to draft on this boat with 2 anglers?  


Everything on this boat and deal seems right, Im just trying to be thorough, as I have jumped into boats before and not been happy with the results.


Thanks for any info you can provide!

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This is over a month old, so maybe you've already bought....or passed.  

This boat will do all of that and more.  That boat, with two anglers, will be floating in about a foot of water.    There's no reason not to buy except price.  I have a 1994 since brand new, and there is nothing wrong with the boat.  I have rewired it.  Check the fuel tank, but mine is fine. 

Keep in mind that it's a 16' foot when you pick days to run across that choppy bay.

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