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My '95 Bayfisher

Rod Wrapper

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After three months of blood sweat and tears, I have my new ride about where I want her.

Because of this forum, I own a Hewes and have been able to correct a great deal of defferred maintenance on my own. The previous owner had lost his job, and just didn’t have the money to keep her up.

1. Thanks to the forum, I think it was Muddy Waters, who posted that this boat was for sale in someone's yard in Orlando. I called on Sunday and picked her up on Friday.

2. Patched hull gashes (Caused because the previous owner didn't spend $5.00 on bolts for the bunks and scraped the hull on the bunk brackets.) with correctly matched gel coat. Thanks to the forum and Mini-Craft for the right color.

3. Tracked down a loose connection to the main panel, replaced float switch in bilge, re-wired stern light. There were multiple things happening at one time, which made this really difficult. Thanks Hobo for the tips and switch.

4. Replaced non-functional Bennett trim tabs with Lenco retrofit kit. Thanks e-bay and Hobo for the advice about soldering and heat shrink.

5. Replaced steering wheel. Thanks Hobo.

6. Sent Lowrance depth finder back, and it was replaced in warranty. It would not turn off. Thanks for the good service from Lowrance, even though their records said it was a few months out of warranty.

7. Replaced shot GW trolling motor w/ 74 lb Minn Kota AP/CP. Thanks to the cl***ifieds on the forum.

8. Home brewed a quick disconnect. Thanks to the forum for ideas.

9. Added grab bars and cup holders.

10. Installed 45 amp, three bay Dual Pro on board charger. Thanks to the forum for the advice.

11. Greased wheels, replaced rollers and re-worked bunks on trailer.

12. Cleaned, polished, cleaned and cleaned some more. Thanks to the forum for the advice about Bar Keepers Friend, soft scrub with bleach, and Magic Erasers.

13. Had trim tilt indicator, low oil horn sender, and fuel gauge fixed. Had carbs cleaned, fuel pump rebuilt and spark plugs changed. Thanks to Foothills Marine in Morganton, NC.

14. Replaced damaged fuel vent. Thanks Slyshon for mentioning how important they are and thanks MHP for having them in stock and referring me to a good dealer.

This is my first “big†boat. There aren’t many flats boats in Western North Carolina, so there is no one around to ask. Without this forum, I would not have a boat that matched my budget, is cl***ic and will be with me along time. Thank you all.

I am almost there. I still want to touch up some gel coat and get a good VHF, but that can wait. Time to fish.

So, here she is.



And here is a before picture:



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Nice boat! I love the lapstrake hulls. Ever since I laid eyes on the Hewes I thought they were the coolest boats. One of my customers' son had one sitting in the driveway. A guide had one he offerd to me but just not the right timing. But just recently my 24 year old son (who had been lusting several years also) said "Dad I'm tired of fishing in our rinky dink old aluminum boat " and so we figured 50/50 we could get a Hewes and found one at a local marina. It's a 95 redfisher 18 and for the last month and a half we have just about fixed every thing. We too have taken advantage of the forum. We've repaired the hull,new trolling motor batteries,cleaned and buffed,decals,and currently replacing the steering and fuelfilter/water separator. I can't wait to get her on the water. I think I enjoy working on it as much as I will enjoy using it. Hope to post pics soon. Well enjoy and post some close up shots too. bw

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Question for the board about fuel vents: I have a '99 bayfisher and noticed my plastic fuel vent/overflow was broken. I called MHP and they said they don't stock them any more and suggested West, etc. I live two hrs from my nearest West and two from my Hewes dealer. Can someone give me a suggestion on what to order, and can someone with no skills install it? There seems to be no access to the inside of this fitting from inside the hull.

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