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'88 18' Master Angler "Camper"


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Here's my vintage 18' MA in the keys. My brother & I would head way out for 2-3 days, fish all day, then move into slightly deeper water to sleep. (and escape the skeeters)

Our boat has exceeded our expectations over the years. Every year in the keys we get comments from previous Maverick owners who had this hull design to never sell it, as they had upgraded and missed the older design's flexibility and ride quality.

I'm sure it's not as shallow/quiet as newer boats, but for an all around flats/snook/bay family boat it's been great.

This one was rigged for snook by the original owner, and has a huge live well in the right rear. If I need to go shallower I "dry it" up and float a bit shallower.

The 130 Yammer has been a good engine. I wish it was the slightly newer saltwater series engine, and I've had to address some of the issues (shift shaft, etc) with the non-SW series engines. But all in all I cannot complain!

While the new boats are attractive, I'm at the point where we'll keep this one going as long as makes sense. It's part of the family!

Have fun,

Alan Barrow


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