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The Throne Worked & The MA17 Did Not Sink :)


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Got to work the rear seat on the MA17 that Ralph @ AIM welding  built.

Couple of observations....


1.) super comfortable - I sat in it, but, most of the day, it was either DonH (on thursday) or my buddy John on Saturday.

2.) Access to the live well - no issues

3.) water entering the output of the bilge = None - yes, if someone is standing on the rear - same as if there was not a rear seat

4.) No issues when running - I do bunge it down on the highway

5.) No one is seated while running.....if I'm idling about yes, but, anytime we are moving on plane...= no for the safety issue.

Overall - first few trips...works well.


Here a pic of the first feesh my buddy John nabbed yesterday.....he was sitting on the "throne" when it hit :)



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