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On 1/13/2019 at 7:18 PM, ChadHouse said:

my boat does not load or unload very easily due to it being on a double axle trailer that is meant for a deeper V boat. Does anyone know if there is any trailer builder that makes a generic trailer for an 18ft MA? 

Easy Loader - I have one for my 17MA $$

Continental very good $$$

Ameritrail, Rolls, other high end $$$$

any good manuf will have one that fits, you just have to adjust the bunks unless its a customer like ameritrail


Costs - EL 3500 / Con / 4000 / AT and others 5K +




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2 hours ago, ChadHouse said:

Kind of a crazy question, but do y’all think I would be able to refit my current trailer (originally intended for a deeper v boat) into something more suited for a flats boat? 

Anything is possible...just how well will it launch ??? Post some specific pics and I'm sure others can jump in with ideas.

Normally, you'll be happier with a trailer that is fit for the skiff....sell the current and upgrade...remember, you can't go fishing without the trailer :) it's over 50% of the entire trip....broken axle, etc. etc. and you are not going fishing.....i replaced my axle this last year...best decision i made...i feel good about running down the road t 65mph at 0430 am.



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50 minutes ago, whichwaysup said:

That's crazy - but having gone through this myself, I've learned the hard way to be REALLY specific, and when there is any hint of ambiguity, pursue it relentlessly.   I swear that sometimes these guys WANT you to be ambiguous.

It was definitely a shock to the system when I went a picked it up. Debating on whether or not to have it finished by someone or try and tackle it myself. 

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