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NEW Casting Platform

El Hydro

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HUGE thanks to @theoutlaw down at AIM Welding for building such an incredible platform/cage for my HPX.  Ralph built a totally custom platform and I couldn't be happier with it.  This has been the end of a long month of upgrades on my Maverick to include powder coating all brushed aluminum, rewiring my console, installing a Stealth 1 charger and converting to a 24v trolling motor system.  I'm finally feeling ready for the panhandle tarpon season!IMG_2578.thumb.jpg.8e934787ff2c1aee682fe2875e84a865.jpgIMG_2582.thumb.jpg.67cd95f774305c560e6daf53a1fb0a12.jpgIMG_2613.thumb.jpg.f153cd6effb3dc7d84a008c9845901db.jpgIMG_2610.thumb.jpg.15c37d61b119f509fc2fb64aa4625271.jpg



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