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Dog Days of Summer


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33 minutes ago, JEM said:

Looks like a clear cut case of animal cruelty to me.  You were rubbing his face in the sand!  What did he ever do to you?????:D

Destroyed all of my furniture!  He’s almost 2 now and while still a little wild he’s a pretty good dog.  

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The German Wirehaired Pointers are awesome sporting dogs..

Our GWP is 2 and a 1/2.. She is a little wild as well.

Luckily I live on a golf course and have an industrial park close by..

She fetches my birds, swims in every body of water she sees,  and loves going in the truck & on the boat..

My son takes her on the boat with him a lot.  I'll try to scare up a good shot..



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All those good looking dogs THAT LIKE BEING ON A BOAT.


Here's Moose, he does not love being on the boat.


He does not like being on the SUP board


He's OK if he can curl up next to someone



He's great on land however...



and although he's been fixed, he still has a thing for "Big", tough girls


I'm going to get him a small step ladder


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