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What's Really Important In Life..........


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  You and many other members on this site have done what was intended to be done, raise good children and turn them into contributing members of society. Unfortunately many people cannot accomplish this task. However this is pretty impressive, a hell of an accomplishment so good job sir and congratulations! I am going through it right now, nursing as well and another starting college in 4 years with no clue what she plans on doing yet, but I have a feeling I'm paying for it!?:/ 


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Congrats to your daughter and you.  It still amazes me how strong will power and support from those close to us can be.

I remember you sharing with us about your daughter years ago.  She obviously developed a passion and a passion that is hard to come by.  The passion that got her this far can only bring great things in the future whichever route she may take.  Those that share and are touched by what is to come are the lucky ones.  Best of luck to her and now she can go out and get you another gizmo for the Mav!

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