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WTB Small Bay Boat


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1 hour ago, 16bayfisher said:

No Captain, they're more than likely to be in his price range. A 18' with a 115 2 stroke will do high 30s easy. Not so sure what the 90s will do, but OP wanted safe, slow is safe. 

That's kinda what I'm looking for. Are they good boats? Really just run around the river in Jupiter. I assume they are slow which is fine. I've seen a couple for sale in the $13K range, that's a little more than I can afford. I think I'll find one for $10K. Thanks for any input. 

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Just looking for any updates. I'm buying something before end of weekend. Summer is here and I've been looking for awhile. I've been using my big boat but that's too big and I don't like the idea of a 15 yr running around in an expensive boat, sets a bad example. Let me know what's out there. Than you. 

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