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Prop for 22te with 250 txr

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Hmmmmm........ that's interesting!   I take it that you didn't buy the prop new.   That is really turning up some rpms for a 21" 4 blade.  For example, I have an older 2007 2200V, with no t-top and a 2017 225 SHO.  I can just barely turn 5900 - 6000 rpms running real light with a PT OFX3 19" prop.    You didn't say what year boat or whether you had a t-top, but to only have 25 more hp, and turning a 4 blade with 2 inches more pitch, is pretty darn strong to turn 6100 rpms!!!!!   Another example is my buddy with a 2016 Pathfinder 2400 with a t-top and an F300 spinning a Yamaha 4 blade, 21" prop.  He can only spin up to about 5300 rpms. 

I wonder if that prop has had some pitch taken out?   My suggestion would be before I started experimenting with other props is to first have a shop verify that it is still a 21" pitch.  Who knows, maybe the engine has been "souped" up (not likely, just thinking out loud, LOL)?


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Yes sorry I have a ttop and the boat is an 07. I’ve played with jackplate and trim and can’t get anything more. Bought the boat with the prop. 

Not sure what to do lol I don’t think it’s propped right but who knows just wondering if anyone has similar setup and can advise

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I have an 08 2200TE with a F250 txr. My motor is the small block model, 3.2 or 3.3 liter I think. I also have the same prop. No T-top.

I switched from a Power Tech 3blade x 22 pitch about a year ago, which came with the boat, and I really think the 3 blade was a better choice for me. I was looking for numbers closer to the 22TE Yamaha performance bulletin, especially at the 3800rpm sweet spot at 35 mph. With the 4X21, I can get to 6000, but requires a lot of effort and playing with jackplate height to get there. Speed is around 52.

I have learned some things though. After sending the 3x22 to a Tampa prop shop for a “recondition”, “just because” my mechanic said it would be a good idea to check it out.......I had no complaints at the time, no dings or dents. When returned, the blades would not clear the torque tab, so I installed a flat tab. The boat ran like crap. I sent the prop to Power Tech for an inspection, and they scrapped it. The rake of blades got “changed” and could not be restored. That’s when I bought the 4X21. After that, my hole shot was terrific, but all the numbers up and down are about 7 to 10 off of the bulletin speed. IOW 25@3500 , 35@4500, etc. It was closer with the 3x22. Power Tech props seem to be hypersensitive to cup and rake. Prop shops do NOT have original design numbers for Power Tech props and only the factory can put them back where they were built. I know this as a fact, because I owned a prop shop for 18 years, and sold Prop Tech, among others. So if your prop has ever been “reconditioned” by a shop, chances are it’s not exactly as new. Even with the modern  computer scanning equipment, a shop still needs the factory numbers to put it as new. They might be close, or not.

Last week,  after motor service, it was water tested by the mechanic and he reported 55@6000! Jackplate all the way down! I’m not ready to believe it yet, and rain has delayed my own test. 

The performance bulletin was with a Yamaha pro series prop 3x23. Speed was 57.4 @ 6000.

I have found one of the guys who wrote the performance bulletins, and did the water testing for Yamaha back in the early 2000s. He told me I’m trying to tweek too much with the jack plate. He said that they would use the jack plate some, but generally did not depend on it to achieve the numbers. He suggested to judge the performance with the plate down. 

He also lives locally, and he volunteered to give me a driving lesson. I eagerly accepted, and now waiting for some good weather. He also believes in the Pro Series props for the PFs. So I’m looking for a loaner.

A long way to get here, but we are kindred spirits in our quests. PM with your phone and we can further discuss if you want. I assume you have the bulletin.


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Hmm that’s funny. I think your right though and I’m also basing my performance off the bulletin. I see the best numbers when the jackplate is down almost all the way. I think I may look into a 3 blade with 23 or 24 pitch. I’m not gonna try to have mine tweaked at all as I don’t want to have similar problems as you did after yours was done. Im sure someone on here has a similar setup that is propped right and hopefully will chime in soon

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How old is the prop?  Sand, water, and what not have a way of taking it's toll on the cup thus grip.  You would be spinning more RPM without any speed gains or have lose of speed.  Also keep in mind gear ratios when comparing Pathfinders with 250s and prop size.  I think the past 250s were 2:1 and now 1.75:1.

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