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Still Kicking over in Australia


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Been a long while since I have posted and have only had a bit of time to quickly scroll through what's happening on the Forum but thought I would drop a quick hello to all.

As I speak the Redfisher 16 is getting a small makeover with the following items:

1. New Aluminium multi roller trailer - Since the Aussie dollar has gone way down to the 90 cents and to import a American one is way to expensive as you pay for area you may as well bring it over with a boat on it I decided to get one built.

Aluminium I-Beam, powder coated, Alloy mag dual wheels + spare mounted, multi rollers (our ramps aren't quite steep enough for bunks sometimes), waterproof LEDs, Boat Catch retrieve and launch system.

2. As I post - A New 12 inch Gen 2 Touch HDS Lowrance on the Dash to replace the existing 2 x 10 inch models.

3. Also Moving one of the 10 Inch Gen 2 HDS Combos to the bow next to the I-Pilot Min Kota through Ether Net Cabling to read what the dash is saying if up the front by myself.

4. New E-Tec motor monitoring system through the 12 Inch screen via ether cabling from the motor.

5. The old custom made Tower I got built years ago but was removed and sold has been re-bought, extended to fit the 150 HO E-Tec and has had side steps with teak added to both sides (easy to get up there now).

6. Had a few scratches and dings fibre gl***ed out from the hull from rafting up and added a bow protection strip for pulling up at beaches or boat ramps.

Looking forward to the completion of the upgrade -and have been giving it a run in between dropping off to people to do the work. Have a few big trips coming up soon so will post some pictures when finished.

Barra's are still biting in between some big windy sections. Just a sweetener on my mates boat (not a Hewes) but hey I christened it with the first Barra so that had to hurt.




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Hi All,

Getting it done slowly - been working away flying in and out which has slowed my progress and in between trying to get a bit of pre-tournament fishing in.

Here is where I am at:

HDS 12 Gen 2 installed on Dash

HDS 10 Gen 2 installed next to I-Pilot.

Keel Protector installed.

Old Polling Platform installed with new teak side steps and drink holders up top.

New Crank and Electric batteries installed.

New Dual Axle Multi Roller Trailer with Boat Catch.

Still to go (next Monday).

Lowrance Sonic Hub / 4 x Lowrance speakers / Fusion 8 Inch Sub-woofer/Amplifier / Uni Dock to be installed all linked to HDS 12 and HDS 10.

LED under Gunnel lighting.

Cheers and here is some pics.




















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