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Saltwater Fish Tank Pictures: Our Piece Of The Ocean At Home


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Show off your Tank !

After diving and fishing all my life, a saltwater tank was in the cards. My son got the bug, so we started a 55 gal from scratch. A year and a half later, the tank is part of the family. It makes every trip underwater better.

We set up a reef tank with a refugium. A pair of Radeons over the tank grows corals like a champ.. A few photos to follow..


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We have a pair of Clowns, a Tominy Tang, Melanurus Wr***e and a Mandarin. Lots of coral frags and softies.. Once we quit buying salt water and making it with Reef Crystals, the hard corals have taken off.

The Mandarin


Rasta Zoas: Got 4 polyps on a plug 6 months ago..


The Rastas under the blues.


A pink Montipora frag that is shelving like mad


A 'Screaming Green' Bird's Nest.


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Thanks guys. This is all low-tech-photo, Dino.. My I-3 phone with a dusty Otter case. The LED light fixtures have seven colors of 'bulbs', and that pic is under the 3 blues alone: Not a camera setting.

The fixtures are programmed by laptop.

There are other folks here with great tanks, great fish & corals. They will post.

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Here is an even lower-tec image of my 125gal reef tank taken about 10 yrs ago.

Why is it that we have such similar hobbies/obsessions… etc.?

I had this tank for 12 yrs before selling it 5 yrs ago. It had a custom built 40 gal refugium that grew Caulerpa algae with compact fluorescent lights that ran 24hrs a day. The most important thing by far is water quality and the most difficult to consistently achieve. Your corals will let you know. If they are fully expanded most of the time, your water is good. For example, the Euphillia that you have(LPS coral at far right end of your tank) can easily grow to the size of a basketball in a year’s time and double its skeletons weight as well. It is truly amazing! The one gadget that I recommend you get is called a SEA SWRIL it moves the water comming back into the tank from the sump. Creates occilating currents in the tank- no dead spots. The corals sway in the current-realy looks cool & most important of all improves water quality. I will try to find the link. not sure how to post links yet

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Very nice mature tank, Drill. You had some great specimens growing ! The Purple Tang is beautiful.

I agree on the water quality. We had some bad stretches buying salt water at the local fish store. We got an R/O maker and use Reef Crystals exclusively to make our water. The new LED light systems don't heat the tank and grow corals like a champ. Flow is really important, and we have two powerheads along with the return. Lots of caves and places for the water to swirl. An ultra-violet filter is next.

Phil, Great tank ! Nice rock anemone and the pretty Sailfin ! I like the way you integrated the branch corals into the stacks.

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