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Access to gas tank

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I think I have a bad problem with my 2012 Pathy 2300 HPS. Ran 15 miles offshore last weekend to dive. Hit a few large swells on way out but nothing unusual and since I was carrying dive tanks I wasn't pushing it. I did notice a strange sound from time to time on the port side when I hit a rough patch but couldn't identify it. Smooth run in with a following swell, no unusual noise. Pull boat out onto trailer, park, no apparent issues, . Long story short, several days later, I have gasoline in my bilge, lots of it. Drained out about 6 gallons. Yes, I realize the danger of this and batteries are disconnected and boat in a safe place for the moment but I have to deal with this problem sooner rather than later. I can find nothing wrong with gas lines, filters, or any of the places one would look first. I assume the strange noise I heard on impact last weekend is related to the gas tank as the noise  appeared to be coming from the area near the gas cap. How do I access this short of cutting through the deck? Im not qualified to do this myself but trying to get an idea of what to expect and recommended way to do it. All semi-educated guesses or better would be appreciated. 

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I do not have a solution but very interested in what you find out. 

 I would think that a pressure test might be a starting point. 

It odd that the fuel showed up sitting on the trailer. One would think that would indicate a leak further down in the tank and not simply a fill or vent fitting 

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Spoke with pathfinder this am and there doesn't seem to be any solution short of removing the console and cutting through the deck to access the tank. Wanted to do a pressure test today but couldn't pump out the gas. May indicate a leak in a hose but getting to the source just as painful. Seems the boat will be out of commission for quite some time.


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