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1997 Maverick Mirage 2


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'Nitz", aka Mark, redid the entire trailer this weekend.  I looked at it yesterday.  Galvanized and only thing he didn't replace was the tongue.  Solid trailer.

I had just bought my RF when neighbor  Mark and his buddy bought this Mirage 2.  We have fished together for years.  This Mirage gets skinnier than my RF, they would pole in on a school of reds and I just had to watch (couple of inches makes a difference some days). Loved my Lappy, but sure were a few days I would have traded straight up.  Super well cared for.  As a favor (I'm a broker) I'm going to help Mark sell the boat.  He's really busy with work and already tired of CL tire kickers.  So if you are looking for a solid platform in a classic M2, shoot me a pm.   It's been in garage since they bought, but today is on lift behind house ready for a ride.  (soon as wife and I return from trip to explore Florida's big bend, will get lots of photos and do the formal posting on all the sites).   

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