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Pathfinder 2200 TE Draft with Photos


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Before I decided to purchase my Pathfinder 2200 I had searched for information relating to its real world minimum draft without much results.  Most of the information available was either directly from the manufacturer or forum threads that were for most part just people arguing how their boat drafted less than a competitor.  But no real world non-subjective information.  Coming from a flats skiff I was still a little nervous about taking my new to me bay boat to some of my fishing spots out in Everglades National Park where the water is murky and it is sometimes hard to tell the actual depth.  In my old boat I knew what its draft was and where I was ok to go as I had run it aground a few times with trial and error.  Much easier to push a flats boat off a mud bank than a 22 foot bay boat.    

This past weekend I was out with the family at a small beach area and decided to test the limits of the Pathfinder in nice clear water with hard sand bottom.  I pulled the boat up onto the beach until it bumped bottom and used my leg as a measuring stick to get some real world objective measurements.  I was impressed with how shallow it got and it gave me more confidence for future fishing trips.  Even at the depth measured I could still easily push it sideways across the beach meaning it was not fully grounded.  However, only my wife and son were in the boat at the time of measurement and it was not fully loaded to fish.  I am sure if I was in it also and it was loaded to fish with a full live well it would have drafted a little more.  Either way hopefully this post helps someone who is looking for the same information I was before I bought my boat. 

I did later go home and use a measuring tape to measure approximately the same spot on my leg that the water is pictured at below.  It was right about 11 inches which corresponds with the official specs in the brochure.  And the front bumps before the rear.



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14 hours ago, BradM said:

That's exactly what my 1900v drafted, but loaded and with a smaller 2 stroke. Light I could get a little less. It's amazing how little they draft compared to how capable they are in rougher, sloppier water. What kind of speed do you see with that 250? 

I have gotten up to 56-57 mph loaded to fish.  I haven't opened it up while running lite as I usually have my son/family with me on those occasions.  I am running a Powertech 4 blade 21 inch prop.  I still need to play with the jack plate/trim settings to see if I can get any more speed out of it.  I typically cruise around 40 mph at 4000 +/- RPM's.  

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On 9/28/2018 at 2:22 PM, BradM said:

Waterman18, where are you located? I have that prop but in a 20p that you can try if you're in the Jacksonville, FL area. It's not for really for sale as it's my spare prop that came with my boat. It's only got about 10 hours on it, so it's fresh.

I appreciate the offer but I'm in Miami. I'm currently running an OFX 19 3 blade and can get 54mph @ 5800rpm lightly loaded.

Another guy has the OFX 20 4 blade for sale but I'm hesitant to lay out the cash w/out actually testing it. ......Thanks again!

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