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another Buddy is gone.


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yesterday discovered why our 12 yo Boxer (Boss) was limping. He had a bone cancer on his shoulder. This morning didn't he wait for me to get him down and jumped out of bed and fractured it.

We had to put him down an hour ago.

Last night as a farewell, I bought him a 3 lbs Tomahawk steak. he went to town with it.

He'll be in "doggie heaven" with the other best friends that we lost

this is him when younger






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Sorry to hear about your Boxer flatsdoctor. In my opinion they are the greatest family dogs and companions. I know your grief right now. Had to put down my Boxer I rescued three years ago for heart failure at the age of 14, I had him for seven great years. Hurt me something awful to lose him. Two years ago I rescued another Boxer, his name is Remington and he's a 92 pound ball of fire that always wants to sit in my lap. Find you another Boxer to love, I'm sure its what "Boss" would want you to do. 

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