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Trollin Rod


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i've wrapped a lot of rods in my life, but i've never been able to achieve these types of wraps... it takes an incredible amount of patience, skills, memory, and knowledge.

nice work.

You can do it, it's mainly patience. I think skills is stretching it for me :)

Finally finished it yesterday.



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PS - Used a plainer background Dino :)

Very cool....explain to me the curving guides....first time I've seen this one ???

Beautiful wrap....


Sure. For conventional rods the reel is up as are the guides. When a big brute of a fish is pulling, he pulls with a downward force. On a spinning rod with guides down this is a natural thing, but with a conventional rod the guides want to be down on the bottom because of the downward force. So if you leave the guides on top you get a force to the side trying to pull your rod around so the guides are on the bototm. With the spiral wrap you as quickly as you can wrap the guides to the bottom so the downward force doesn't cause any twisting. If you ask any rod builder to build himself a conventional rod, he will build himself a spiral wrapped rod.

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