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Southeast Owners Tournament in Charleston, SC

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We have shifted the venue for this year’s SE OT to Barrier Island Marine’s location in Charleston, SC, www.barrierislandmarine.com. The dates (May 16-17), great food, warm Southern hospitality, super redfishing and entry fees will all stay the same. We are just going to ramp it up a notch and have it all happen in one of the top destination cities in America. What’s not to like about that?

For complete details, including lodging recommendations, entry forms, a list of FAQs, tournament rules and an events schedule, go to http://mbcboats.com/owners-tourn-reg.html.

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Tides for those 2 days..Folly Beach.

Tides for Folly Island (outer coast) starting with May 16, 2014.

Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon

/Low Time Feet Sunset Visible

F 16 Low 3:41 AM -0.4 6:20 AM Set 8:01 AM 98

16 High 9:35 AM 5.2 8:12 PM Rise 10:18 PM

16 Low 3:38 PM -0.5

16 High 10:09 PM 6.4

Sa 17 Low 4:30 AM -0.4 6:20 AM Set 9:01 AM 94

17 High 10:25 AM 5.2 8:13 PM Rise 11:14 PM

17 Low 4:29 PM -0.4

17 High 11:00 PM 6.3

Question for Charlie....I do own a Pathfinder, but also have a small Carolina Skiff...sometimes the tide and favorite fishing spots dictate which boat to use...can I choose which boat to use, or does it have to be in the Pathfinder?

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The options for fishing Charleston are so numerous that we can get spread out from Edisto up to Bulls Bay. Will there be an area of emphasis such as the harbor and jetties or will everyone just spread out. Barrier Island is toward the south so where are they recommending most people go. James Island Yacht club is centrally located but is a private club. Wapoo Cut landing can be a zoo and going to Mount Pleasant is a drive from Barrier Island. A lot of choices is not a bad thing but can take a lot of the togetherness out of the tournament.

I will be there just have to get regestered. What is the count so far.

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I'll let Mike and the Charleston natives talk about the fishing. The great thing about these events is that the are more about camaraderie , good food and drink and the great raffle items than the catching. We are going to be giving away Costa sungl***, fishing tackle, boat accessories, MBC apparel and more. I've never heard an entrant feel like that they got less than they put in.

Talk it up to your friends and let's get a bunch of boats by the Thursday night deadline.

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Sorry to say we will be unable to attend. But for the MBC owners in that area make it a point to attend you will not be sorry. We have attened all the OT's since 1992 through tropical depressions, gale winds, rain and lighting and had a great time at all them even if we haven't caught a bone fish yet. Once you been to one it will not be your last one. MBC does it right.

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Haddrell's will definitely be stocked up with bait and I would be happy to do a one time discount for all anglers fishing this tournament on that Friday before the tournament if that would help? Please let me know and I will get it set up at both stores! As far as anyone needing or wanting help/info I would be more than happy to help. Either approach me Friday night or call my cell any time 843.475.7696

Good luck everyone,

Capt Mike Able

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Right now, we have 16 boats. (Unfortunately, we had two cancellations due to extenuating circumstances.) I know of at least 2 more that will likely sign up.

Out of deference to the Southern tradition of taking things slowly, we are going to extend the deadline to welcome late comers. Those of you who helped us with our planning by signing up by the initial deadline will be awarded with an extra raffle ticket.

That ticket could be the winner of a new pair of Costas, an Engel Cooler, a Yamaha prop of choice, a 100 hour service at Barrier Island Marine, a free day with a local guide, a Gideon WASP Camera (think GoPro, but better) and a bunch of other great raffle stuff.

Come on C -town! Let's get this thing well over 20.

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