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Father Daughter Day

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Finally had our schedules meet up....took my little one to Chokoloskee in the Maverick....

Day was stellar, blue skies a few clouds, calm and lots of feeeeesssssh....not big, but, lots...

Red rats where everywhere....caught over 30 and in one spot, the same fish was caught twice as I could see the puncture of the first hook set...

anyways, we had fun with some reds, trout, jacks, cats, puffers, small snook that got off at the boat or she would have had a slam and one huge shark that nearly spooled me but was finally cut off....

some pics from the day.







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Very nice to spend time with the kids Dino. Did so the other day with my son and his friend who hooked up with his first two baby 30lbs tarpon. 

I will say there are a lot of rat reds and snook out and about. Don’t know if they were hungry or horny when they saw the lure but it was a chore removing hooks out them without injuring them.

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Great day, Dino! There's nothing more rewarding than fishing with our kids.

I can't wait to get my son back on the water during Winter break. I let him drive the boat when tide is mid to high in the Glades. GPS on my boat only comes out when I purposely get lost in the backcountry so he's had to actually pay attention to where he's running for several years instead of just following a line on a screen. He can make it from Joe Kemp Key to mouth of Lostmans River with very little help now. In a few more years hopefully I can take a nap in the cockpit on the way back to our slip at cip after a long day of fishing. ;)

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