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Robbers In The Everglades - Capt DonH and Dino Adventure

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We decided to do something different and only fish the "back" and it seems like we were Robbing the Children's Nursery.....nothing but small reds, snook, and trout.

Ran out of EC Resorts in Choko....out the Lopez to the back.

Fished one spot and it was a ladyfish party....every cast....we stopped at about 15-20....found one nice trout as well....

Ran down as far as Alligator Bay  and found a few small reds but no snook down south...

Heading back we stopped off in House Hammock and around the Houston bays...

Beautiful day....but, more rat reds, underslot snook, a few nice trout and a couple of nice mangrove snapper for the table....and of course, more ladyfish then you can imagine...

a couple of pics from the day.....things look good for the future...some nice healthy feeeshhhh....





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I had a similar day in Flamingo on Saturday, we stayed at the campground

We went to the back and fished mostly oyster bars and must have caught more than 30 snook under 15” , bunch of little reds , some nice trouts, snapper, many ladies and brought some nice sheepshead to grill at the campsite with the steaks for Surf and turf!!

i was thinking the same way, next year we should have a good time catching again all the ones we released 







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Great stuff Dino & Doc!

Tremendous amount of small fish have been around the front & back for months. Very good news for the future. Haven't had less than a 40 fish day (snook/reds/trout/trips) since June; some trips over 100 target species. Only a few of my trips yielded larger fish though. Glad ya'll are getting sum!! 

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10 minutes ago, flatsdoctor said:

Back is tolerable, but I’m needing a shoulder replacement due to my accident in 2017

Soon to be the Bionic Doc :)

Geez.....it's tough getting old...I feel ya....I just lost over 60 lbs so I don't have to have knee replacements....need to drop another 40 to seal the deal with my ortho guy.....but, still have bone on bone....




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