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Total Scan Transducer on Lappy


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Anyone have any experience with mounting placement of a Total Scan transducer on their older lappy?  I have a 93 Bonefisher and want to make sure I don't get tons of spray onto my engine while running with this particular transducer.  Attached is a pic of the current mounting position.  The boat is getting a full re-wire now and hasn't been on the water with this transducer yet.  Hoping you guys have some insight/advice so I can get it dialed in while the re-wire is happening.


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That's exactly where I have mine, you'll have to play with the vertical adjustments to not make it spray too much at speed, while also considering it needs to be as close to flat as possible at slow speeds when you are using it to get the best picture.  Don't give up, that spot exists I swear.



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