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23 HPS Propping

Bob Krenn

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Hello All,

I just pickup up my HPS a 10 days ago. I have been getting it ready to fish with a new 112# ulterra, 2 Garmin's 8 & 10", VHF Radio, Flush mount gunnel rod holders. I have had it out and have not seen anything over 53 mph on it. I have the T-Top with soft top, 250SHO, 4 lithuim batteries to save weight, atlas jackplate and a HT 14" diameter X 18 pitch prop. It  is fast out of the hole, but it is all I can do to get it to 53 and max  6100 rpm's. I have a new mercury tempest plus 19 pitch ordered as I hear they are a great prop for this boat. I hope I can get it to at least 58 mph and would love to hear from somebody with a similar equipped boat to see what they are getting for speed and hole shot. I will get pic's up soon.


Thanks in advance,


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Hey Bob, post back when you run that Tempest. I may venture into a 3 blade for longer runs, but am a huge fan of the overall performance a 4 blade provides.

Mod: Can you please move this to the correct forum. It took me a while to find this as I was looking in all the wrong places.


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