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Ride Quality Comparison: Hewes vs. Maverick

Zara Spook

Which has the best ride in terms of smoothness and dryness?  

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  1. 1. Which has the best ride in terms of smoothness and dryness?

    • Hewes Redfisher 16 (Lappy Hull)
    • Hewes Redfisher 16 (Newer Hull)
    • Maverick HPX-V 17
    • Maverick MA 17

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I agree kinda a odd comparison.  If you want to pole, focus on the HPX, if you want best ride focus on the Mav, if you want a combination of the two focus on the Hewes  

I haven’t been on all of those but owned a 16 Lappy for 10 years and will tell you it’s a very underrated ride.  Since you asked about it,  newer model has nothing on it ride wise, but does seem noticeably more stable to me. 



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I have owned and rode in a 2003 RF for years and a 2010 18 HPX the HPX has a little better and a lot dryer ride than the 16 RF had . The deflection spray rails mounted from the factory under the rub rail really does a good job deflecting the spray . The 16 RF was more stable when fishing with people that you didn’t normally have in your boat . The 16 RF drafted a little more water , it is way wider than the 18 HPX which made it feel more stable until you get accustomed to the more narrow HPX design . The Ma 17 will draft a lot more than the HPX 18 and a little more than the 16 RF . The Ma 17 will have a better ride than both and be more stable while fishing than both . The 17 Ma is not a speed demon but is the best riding 17 foot boat that I have ever been in . Three very different boat hull designs all do things that they are designed to do great . The 18 HPX is like driving a sports car , the 16 RF is like a mid size family car ride and the 17 Ma is like a turnpike cruiser or a full size town car ride .  Three great boats that perform and ride very different. 

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