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Jack plate issue


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I have a a bobs machine shop flats jac on my 07 22te. I was running the boat the other day adjusting the jack plate and then ten minutes later it wouldn’t go up or down. Got it home and the fuse seemed to be fine. I tested to see if I could jump the solenoids with a screwdriver and both responded fine. Would this lead me to the relay? Or possibly at bad switch? I have the blinker style switch on the steering column. Any ideas would be great. Thanks 

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I had similar problem, solicited help on this forum, and this was my summary post:

After buying a replacement pump and board w/solenoids, no hoses, I proceeded with disassembly of the old one. Disconnecting wires, I found one wire (the big red jumper between the solenoids) felt loose. I got my SO to hold the turn signal handle in various positions, and found intermittent operation when the wire was wiggled. The wire was corroded and had very high resistance in the sleeve about an inch in.

I replaced every wire on the pump board and every other I could reach. Then, three crimp connections on the recently replaced solenoids pulled out in my hand. 

Ive used the boat three or four times now and the jack plate works flawlessly. I’ve had a word with my mechanic, showed him pictures, and handed him the wires and connectors. The service manager happened by to say hi, and soon apologized. He offered my money back, but I told him to use it for training for his people in the art of proper crimping, so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.I honestly think he’ll do some remedial education.

So I’ve got a spare pump in my garage, because it WILL fail one day. Lots of lessons on this one!

Thanks all for your support!


Hope this helps! The summary doesn’t reflect my local dealers involvement at the beginning to solve the problem and his recommendation to replace all. I believe the “big red wire between the solenoids” was bad at the crimps from the beginning! That was last year, and still no problems since recrimping all.

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Interesting and thanks for the reply. I’ll have to have someone hold the turn signal lever while I’m back there messing with it. 

I was thinking about how a starter solenoid is able to be jumped and start the motor when it’s bad so now I’m thinking they both could be bad. I just can’t imagine both going out at the same time though 

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