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I think the checking will always be hit or miss. They are stretched pretty thin and busy. Be aware every so often when I return to the ramp they have been there in force checking everything. God forbid you have a forced contact with enforcement,  (break down, Grounding, ETC....) they will surly check for permit and pass then and fine you if you are not in compliance. I never get to see the ranger at the gate, always to early.  It is nice to see they are rebuilding the fish cleaning house.......it at least "feels"  like our money is being well spent.

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The man will not check you , if you are off the wilderness waterway .

They will not stray to far off the path .

Unfortunately , the cheekies are on the path .

If they are running , they will visit all cheekies .

Make sure your permit is clearly visible outside the tent .

And anything questionable , have not in plain sight .

You can hear em coming from a ways out .



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I have never been ask to show my Everglades National Park Boater Permit, But I have been stopped and ask to show my Everglades National Park Annual Pass. (or seven day pass)




First Link is to buy an annual pass. If you visit the park three times in a year it paid for it self.

The second link is for the Boaters Education pass that was free. Have not checked to see if it still is or not.

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1 hour ago, greenbone said:

If you are 62 or older, there is national park pass available to purchase. Last I heard it was $90 for lifetime pass, called senior pass. Purchased mine for $10 , 8-9 years ago. Sure has saved me $$$ since purchased. Good luck

Not quite there yet. Couple more years,   LOL

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