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2019 Keys MOT at The Breezy Palms


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For the First-Timers to Breezy Palms..  The channel out of the basin is not deep.  There is a rock bottom just outside the two PVC markers. The marked-up photo shows the dotted lineto take in and out..

The yellow zone is shallow and hard bottom. The red X's are rock piles that are visible at mid tide and higher.  There were only two PVC markers at last visit.. One was laying down.  Speak to anybody about the channel before you zoom out..  The tides will be higher than usual during the Tournament. The bonefish boats and step hulls have plenty of water. The yellow area is 2 feet deep at low water, and is hard bottom .   The bigger boats need to be careful here;  at low tides.. trim up and idle well outside of the pipes.

If you have questions, find Woodsie or one of the regulars and ask.  Let's have a bunch of fun this year !!




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