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2019 Keys MOT at The Breezy Palms


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The 19 MOT was a blast !!  The wind blew, but the huge tides made it easy to go well into the Backcountry in our offshore boat. We spooked some nice fish easing up to the islands with a tall Ttop and no T/M... We got to clear water in the south edge of the Park, and found some beautiful cuts to fish another time.. We dove up some Lobsters on the reef and ate well anyway..

We worked a bunch of cuts trying to deliver a shrimp or crab to mudding Bonefish up on the flats. I hit a couple on the head but I did get the shots..   We threw crabs at bridge Tarpon feasting on mullet..  That worked out predictably.

Catching was tough, but some folks did really well. The list of winners and some drone pics will be along soon. Many thanks to Charlie, Elliott and Kent for the work they put into the event !! A bunch of new families attended and had a great time.. I don't think there were any casualties, but we had the usual great support from Yamaha and Power Pole team. Our Sponsors put up a really nice slate of prizes.  Bravo,  MBG !

Let's see some of the fun pics Y'all took !!



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