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Is your hull the old V style or the XL hull? I ran a 21 rev 4 and had a very similar experience as my PT OFX 3 21p as far as speed a rpm.

Props :

24 bravo. With ports. 5450 @ 58-59

21 rev 4, 5750 @ 57

21 OFX 3. BB 5650 @ 57

23 tempest 5300 @ 53 very heavy load (brand new)

23p Turbo TXP OT4 5100 @ 55 mph. With exhaust ring.

PT RKR 4, 20p. 8 Pvs holes. 54 @ 5700. Weak hole shot. Slow topend was not slipping. Trimmed to max.

12% slip

Mercury ENERTIA ECO. 21p 3 blade. 60 gallons of fuel 3 people good overall lift. 57.6 @ 5560 rpms

I have a 20p PT OFX 3 your welcome to try. You pay the shipping. If you like it and want to buy it. It's for sale. Only thing is you it needs a yamaha hub. It's the PT hub, if you already have a PT / yamaha hub your good to go. Let me know.

I currently run a PT OFX 3 20p for the heavy summer loads (different prop I have a fat shaft on my mercury). I also have a 22p bravo NIB I have yet to run. Fingers crossed it will be my fastest prop yet. Hoping for 60 mph!

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