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A Reef Trip


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It's been a while and finally got a small break in the wind last weekend plus my youngest asked if we could go to the reef ( usually she works on weekends so it was good that all "the planets aligned" )

Managed some good trout and a nice Spaniard ( your King Mackerel )

Didn't get to see any whales on the way home but did have a lengthy interaction with a couple of dolphins on the way home, riding in font of the boat you could almost touch them.

A great day in paradise

Cheers Snelly



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Way to Go John,

The weather has been ordinary now for a while. Missed you at the tournament this year and then heard a Sea foam green 18 Redfisher was for sale in Cairns but the guys got it wrong and it is the one at Hervey Bay.

Glad to see you are still out catching a few when you can.



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