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2001 Hewes Redfisher 21


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Bought her in November 2012. She had been fished hard, and was in need of some TLC. The intention was to clean her up, use what I could of the existing wiring to make her functional and safe, and do some more extensive work down the road.

The day I bought her, 15 minutes before the tire slung it's tread off on Alligator Alley, breaking the fender and leaving a nice black streak up the side of the hull:


Replaced everything on the trailer except for the frame. Also stripped the decals off the motor, though the paint was in very bad shape:


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And now, project time. Been procuring all the parts and materials necessary for a full rewire over the last month. Yesterday, made one last sandbar run and today, popped out the console.






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[color:black]The project continues. I mounted a piece of starboard inside the console to mount the fuse panel, amp and bluetooth module, and terminal block. Had the console hatch frame sandblasted and powder coated. Wetsanded, buffed and waxed the console. Replaced the "Redfisher 21" decals. Removed a pair of crappy plastic handles from the sides of the console and patched the holes using the Spectrum 2 oz. gel paste kit. Color was a dead on match, even for a 13 year old boat that's spent a great deal of time in the sun. Wiring still a little messy, since I can't tie wrap all the wire bundles and engine harness in place until the console is bolted back in.





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