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Prop shop recommendation in South Florida

Fish Food

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Fish food,

The only people I would trust with a PowerTech prop, is PowerTech. PT props  are hypersensitive to the design specifications on rake, cup, and progressive pitch.  UPS it to them, and they will turn it around. About $200, I think. Call PT, and talk to them about it. They will give you their honest opinion.

F&J’s is a good shop, but PT doesn’t give out design data to shops. When you get it back from PT, it will be exactly like it’s supposed to be.

I’ve been there, don’t ask me how I know this is the way to go.

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1 hour ago, THE OUTLAW said:

Frank and Jimmys can spec it out !

I had a horrible experience at FJ's....never again....I've only ordered my props from Admiral Props in Tampa - great service and pricing...and I would send it back to PT to the Monkey for some work as mentioned above..

At FJ they recommended a Mercury aluminum 4 blade for my skinny mini instead of a PT...they took of over $100 on the prop cost because they said it  "was worn"...the hub did not fit correctly, even though we put it on at the shop on the side of the road and it had a huge amount of play...it bump in and out at low RPM's...the play was right in front of the salesman and I kept asking is this right...he said, it will "catch" when it moves into gear....

Long story short, I called Marcus and we got it right....and because they would not give me full refund, I had to use the "credit" to buy a prop from PT and they charged me full retail....and, they would not credit the sales tax on the first prop....all and all - cost me about $600 on a $450 prop.

I know others have had good experiences with F&J's...maybe I had a bad sales rep....but, for me, not again...one person's opinion.



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21 hours ago, Fish Food said:

I was hoping that I could get a recommendation for a prop shop for a Power Tech prop that needs a little TLC.



Call Marcus at Power Tech....he also is on this forum as Funky Monkey.....

why would you not send any PT prop back to the man that owns the shop and builds the PT props ?


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