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Engine Replacement For 1996 20' Hewes Light Tackle

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I recently bought a 1996 20' Hewes LT.  It came with a 1998 150 Merc Optimax.  Looking to re-power it and I found what I think is a good deal on a 2018 Yamaha 175 hp 4-Stroke with 100 hours.  I was wondering if the horsepower and extra 40 pounds in weight would be a good fit for this older Hewes?  Also, the Yamaha has a 25 inch shaft.....I think the Optimax has a 20 inch shaft....not really certain if the longer shaft will be ok to use on this boat?  The boat does have a jack plate......Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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I repowered my 20ft LT with a new Yamaha 150 which replaced a 150 Yamaha Vmax.  I don't feel I lost anything except getting about 50% better the MPGs than  the VMAX.  I did love that engine though.  On my boat the new 150 jumps up on a plane just fine and the WOT is about the same. Weight is almost the same because you lose the oil tank.  It is super quiet when cruising at moderate speeds.  At idle you can't hear anything LOL

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I have a Hewes 20 light tackle 

Is for sure the 20inch shaft motor correct for these boats ?

when I measure from top of the transom to the bottom of the hull below the drain plug, it’s 25 inches

If I measure from top of transom to bottom but not counting the inset area then it’s 20inches 

shouldn’t the true measurement be to the bottom below the drain plug ????

any help would be great.  The boat Currently has a 25 inch Suzuki with a Jack plate 

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