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thought you Florida guys would like this


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Buddy of mine fishes the Pamlico Sound up here in NC.  I always tell him that I would put the "Pam" up against any part of FL any day in terms of fishing variety and quality.  He gets all down on himself when he has a double digit day because triple digit days are so common.   We are the last state in the union with Gill nets, so you can only imagine what it would be like if we could ban them.   


Probably worth noting that the guys up here worship trout like Florida boys do Snook.  Always makes me laugh a bit, having my roots in FL where trout were kind of a by catch.


Here is the text he sent me:

Big trout bite today, found em at 11, Dad got the biggest at 27.5", I had a 24.5", both released. We kept a 23.5, 22.5, 21 and a 16". Almost 3 citations in one day.


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10 hours ago, soflah3 said:

That trout is a pig! 

That trout is a hog!!! 

I use to worship redfish, now it's trout. I'm always on the hunt for bigger and bigger trout, and we don't get the monsters like that on a regular basis here. The biggest I've caught is right at 24". The biggest I've personally seen is a 6lb+. 

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