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18' MA vs 18' Bayfisher


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Trying to decide between MA and Bayfisher. 70% flats vs 30% nearshore. East coast of Florida so I'd need to get through inlets and live bait fish. Plan on going nearshore on nice days only. I don't intend to pole much but will use TM mostly when inshore. I'm thinking that MA is better choice but love the look  of a lappy Bayfisher.

All advise appreciated


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19 hours ago, hurricane said:

The ride is pretty close, the MA has better storage. The BF storage is pretty wet. MA will take up to 150hp, think the BF is 130. Prolly find the BF to be more affordable, but I would choose the MA. 

X2...but, take your time and look....consider a 17MA...they ride as well as any 18BF (IMHO)....I've owned the RF new model....and there is no comparison to that ride in my MA17.




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