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Wiring Trolling Motor to MBG's Plug

Vapor Trail

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15 hours ago, Vapor Trail said:

No but the plug has three and not sure which two to plug into the three 

what plug?  Marinco?

Don't blame the factory BTW....they expect anyone who is going to conduct electrical work (BTW the most dangerous DIY in boating) to have some experience.

That being said, what modifications have been done to the trolling motor set up?

Is this direct from the factory with TM's set up?

Are you installing the TM batteries?

Do you have an inline fuse / breaker?  have you checked it is set up properly, e.g. for 24 volts which I'm assuming you are using?

If you are using a Marinco - throw it away and buy a battery tender on Amazon or WM and you'll be better off.

Until then, as mentioned, herein, go to home cheap and buy an inexpensive volt meter and check the voltage.

The Marinco plug, for whatever reason, has made it very confusing wit their set up.

Happy to help....givr us a bit more info and some pics and many here can support your installation.  I've installed about 1/2 doz on mine and others over the years.



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I think the factory installs three wires, one black (neg) and two red (pos).  So you have the option of installing a 24 or 36 volt trolling motor. The black and one of the red wires carry 24 volts. The black and the other red wire carries 36 volts.  Could be wrong, but without pics or a volt meter, you are just guessing and at the risk of burning up your new trolling motor.

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It’s a dc motor. Don’t think you’ll burn it up. It will just run backwards if wrong. A 36 volt tm also has two leads. The batteries are connected in series ( three) to get the 36 volts.

Been a while but I think I’m correct.


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