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West Systems Epoxy on Hewes

Mad Beach Hewes

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Hoping someone can give me some guidance here. I filled in some transducer holes with epoxy that were filled with caulk by the previous owner. I thought I hade the epoxy thick enough when I injected the epoxy in the holes with a syringe. I was very careful to not get air pockets during the process. However after the epoxy cured a few of the holes have a few small pinholes in them. They don’t seem to be deep at all but thought I would post some pictures and get some advice if you think I should drill it out an re epoxy. Any advice would be appreciated. This is my first vertical application with epoxy so wanted some other advice. Hope to have gel coat applied over these once I can get someone to match the color and do the work. These pictures are blown up so look larger then they are.

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