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Hi Chuck,

Thank you for your thoughts.

Tropical Cyclone Marcia crossed the coast between Mackay and Rockhampton ( more or less central Queensland )it was a bad one and the biggest issue is the building codes are not the same that far south as they do not often get many cyclones especially Cat 5 and then the system traveled further south and that was a day or two after they had got 300 plus mm ( 10-12inches ) of rain in a day so that has caused a lot of flooding down there.

The cyclone that went west "Lam" caused some damage in the Northern Territory but was south of Darwin so Matt and his RF18 are all good.

All the crew in Cairns, Tully and Townsville are fine all happening well south of us.

Cheers Snelly

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Whats wrong with you guys. Your hurricanes spin in the wrong direction. :confused:

Glad all is well but It seems outside of the home front here the weather has been globally weird. Heck, I had ice/not frost on my place 2 days ago. It was 82F here today. :confused:

The eastern Pacific tropical storm front was off the charts this year. Cabo, Hawaii and so on.

Hope it makes the fish go crazy. :)

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