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When prop shopping you can see the size, pitch, and vague words like "heavy cup" and "high rake" etc.  I understand that different blade types effect the prop dimensions  and know different manufacturers measure their props differently but is there a reason they don't list more specifics on the props?  I would think it might be easier to compare props if there were rake angles, cup, barrel length and so on.  Maybe some of you prop gurus could shed some light on what I'm missing?

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 Might be a bit of trade secret going on. I’m sure with today’s tecnolighy a competitor could laser scan any prop and replicate it . Might be most boat owners really don’t care. Even people that run really nice boats run props that just make the boat move through the water. 

All that said I know the mercury site does ok at giving a description of how the prop is designed to preform. I guess that is easier for joe boater to understand 

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When I built engines, we had a very similar issues with camshafts. Everyone listed the lift and duration at different points on the cam. Eventually the industry agreed to measure duration starting at .050” of tappet movement. There is hope that prop manufacturers will do the same, but not likely. 

As HB said, the Mercury site does a pretty good job explaining things. They also have a q&a section under each prop listing. I’ve found the info there to be worth it’s weight in gold...although most of the boats are unlike ours, you get a great real world comparison on things. Also, Scott Reichow is easily accessible by phone. I called heir 800 number one morning and asked for him, he was on the line as soon as the operator was off. My boat has been a 6 mph faster ever since. 

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