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Trolling motor V. anchor


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I have a GPS type TM, and it's been acting weird and sometimes loosing it's anchor mode. I called factory, they asked how close my anchor was to the TM. 

The anchor is in the anchor locker on the Pathfinder 2300, within 1 foot of it. The engineer thought the anchor was probably causing one of the GPS's to not lock on correctly. Not allowing for an auto calibration.. 


Any thoughts on this?? Sounds kinda far fetched to me.. Thanks

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2 hours ago, FINCHASER said:

Sounds like BS to me... my anchor is in the same spot

Yup Me too!!

53 minutes ago, HoneyB said:

yeah, take the anchor out and prove the problem is still present.

Will be done tomorrow..

I don't want to drag the Company through the mud, they have great service.

But the Anchor interference!!! That's pretty lame.. I have the anchor in case the F******* anchor mode doesn't work..

Really, It has worked before and I have become dependent on it... It's great when working and I am sure tomorrow it'll all get figured out.. 

I will post and tell of the resolution.  


Thanks for your inputs

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4 hours ago, Wanaflatsfish said:

No dragging through the mud..but, these forums are for information on good and poor service / quality.




I get it Dino,

I am not so impressed with the Boards, that are manufactured in house, and are completely potted waterproof. Being the second problem i asked if something with the drive controls are feeding back to the Comms brd. causing a problem. Crickets!!!!  I'll wait for failure analysis..

3 hours ago, fin-addict said:

Try a rubber coated  anchor, lol. Sounds like bs. Cleat maybe !!!🤪

Ahrrr, Anchors are for rookies!!! See below, they agree and explained if someone bought one and installed it and was immediately having these issues. remove the suspect e- interference, and wallah. 

1 hour ago, George Seither said:

I've seen the older Minn Kota's do it as well, Just need to reset spot lock, now the newer one I have hasn't done it yet with the GPS head on the dash, and I'll call BS as well on the Anchor causing the issue. 

They all, have problems. For sure.. I have have been replacing the other brands MB's for years, for friends. I suspect same supplier for the GPS units.. 

1 hour ago, polliwog said:

Get an aluminum anchor. LOL


6 hours ago, jason p said:

When the problem persists after the anchor is removed/repositioned, the next question will be “how close is your trolling motor to your bow cleat?”🤨

Okay, despite the 30 MPH winds today, I took her out for a calibration session. Nothing worked, calibration, centering cal. and  the track mode.. At least it's repeatable. 

AS we suspected, anchor removal proved fruitless. I called Manufacturer and they agreed, the anchor, cleat or the built in TM screw plate shouldn't effect the GPS.. Duh! It was working for 5 months. They are overnighting a GPS/COMMS board, 2nd one I might add, for me to install.. They promised me a failure analysis report after i send the old one back. 

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The second half you mount on the boat is not a gps antenna.  It is an electronic compass that tells the tm head where  north is. The tm will work fine without it but you will loose the ability to jog the boat. This is for minn kota.  I bel MG is built into the base but have never installed one.

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I received the comms board today, installed it and it's working perfectly, with anchor stowed no less. I was able to calibrate the compass and center position.

I can't say enough about the service at Rhodan!!, Being a FLA Company.. They just wanna make it right and strive to have the same reputation as Power-pole for service and reliability(ahem).. 

So far so good, I will buy from them in the future. 

Rumor has it that they supply these boards to the other manufacturers. I dunno but they are a GPS company 1st.. 


Thanks for chiming in.. When the FA report, Doh, shows up I'll post it. 

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