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changing out Shimano reels will be FS soon


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I have 6-8 (to be honest I can't remember)  Shimano Stradics, Sustains, Sahara's that are 5-10 years old.  the have been fished hard but are in good working shape. or some can be used for spare parts.  They range from 2500, 3000k and one 5000 I just bought, but have not used.....

I've decided to go with matching  Daiwia's gold and black's 30's for my St. Croix's Avid's so I will have a matching set on all rods, and I have  5500 Daiwa's on my meat rods and I have 2500 penn battle II's on my popping cork rods.....

I'm looking to get a $250-300 for the entire group to be sold at one time if possible....send me a PM if you are forum member or leave your email.

I'm on the road this week but will return Thursday and will post pics with further details.

Let me know your interest....




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