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Top Water action....South Georgia


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Tried some top water this morning at daylight.....first cast a 20” trout....wow....I thought, this is going to be good....a few cast later a 19” Redfish, and then the short trout appeared....ended up with 4 keepers and released another 4 short trout....but, always fun on top water....we tried the screwtails for another 45 minutes......but....nothing .....like somebody turned the light switch out.  Home by 10:00 cleaned boat and fish..... oh well, it was still better than going to work.



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23 minutes ago, redzone1 said:

What plug were you throwing?  What color?

Redzone..... I have tried and caught trout on several different colors and types......however, if you asked me to pick the one and only one to use in all water conditions, here it is.  Zara Spook Jr. with red head and silver / white body. It’s my absolute # 1 top water lures. ( as you can see by the scratches and hooks )


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