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anyone fish 10k's this weekend

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It's flattering that you all think so highly of me but I have more slow fishing days than I'd like to admit which is why I can't get enough of the ENP! 

But in all seriousness....my boat is allergic to all outside electronic devices. My motor likely won't start if an iPhone isn't on airplane mode or if it senses a GPS tracker. 😋 

I received the gift of Andy McLane's highly valuable ENP booklet from my old boss & past Choko guide who started fishing down there in the late 70's. He searched numerous old book stores & antique shops on the SW coast of FL to find it back in the 80's. I believe I am one of very few humans who have the entire booklet fully intact. The writings have really helped me understand how fishing in the ENP works more than anything. IMO the spots marked on any map are only a quarter to a third of the challenge to have a successful day in the ENP! 

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