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Maverick 17HPX-S - 8 Month Review


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8 Months ago I downsized from an 18HPX-V to the 17HPX-S. I had been debating doing this move for quite some time. The 18HPX-V is an awesome boat! Extremely versatile - Fast! Dry! Shallow! However I found myself poling 95% of the time and working the skinny much more! I was worried I would miss the bigger boat and want to switch back.

8 months and 300 engine hours later and probably 1,500 hours on the poling platform... I cannot say enough great things about the 17S. I am blown away by how this little boat handles every time I am out on the water.

It is an absolute breeze to push pole all day every day! It is a DRY ride. Honestly drier than the 18V because the cap extends so far out. Extremely efficient with the 70Yamaha. Wide open is 42 MPH. Hatches are bone dry! Haven't gotten a drop of water in any of the compartments.

- Just one happy Maverick Boat Owner. IMG_8645.thumb.JPG.0215841aa29d6aef07ae81586fa49f2a.JPGIMG_8639.jpg.3e86d704e0ece936ac35acede533354f.jpgIMG_8187.thumb.JPG.6585b617c80558771c5cce7d879b025c.JPGIMG_8258.thumb.jpg.4d5c182d48085cfae3be5e59fe4468df.jpg



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The one on the right is for a Go-Pro camera release mount. The one on the left is to fill the hydraulic steering fluid (SeaStar).

True depth is right at 5-7" - unloaded vs. loaded with two anglers and gear. Running is scary shallow! More shallow then I ever want to run.

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17 hours ago, Clarkinator101 said:

where did you get the leaning post/back rest for the Evolution casting platform??

I purchased it directly from Josh at Evolution. I believe he made two of them... Don't know if it is still an option anymore.

Its full Carbon weights an additional 3 or 4 pounds.

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On 5/9/2020 at 11:26 PM, Jake omelian said:

How shallow will this boat run ? I’m in the market and can’t seem to find a definite answer on this. Thank you

Boat is a 6" resting draft. It will run less than it drafts... You can jack the motor up and trim out ridiculously high with the semi tunnel in the back and still have amazing grip. 

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I run an HPXT in the lower Laguna Madre of south Texas. Eventually looking for a new skiff and would love to know if the HPXS will perform close to as well as the T in terms of shallow water running over hard bottom and more importantly hole shot over that hard sand bottom. I can get up in probably 8” and can run in less than 6”. I’ve only seen one HPXS down here and it was for sale. Everybody in poling skiffs run the old Ts, hells bay professionals, or Chittums; all with the full tunnel. Any thoughts on S hole shot and shallow running versus the HPXT and it’s application to the lower Laguna? Thanks

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I personally have only been in a HPX-T once... however I have a buddy that ran an HPX-T for several years. He is beyond happy with the S. Says the S blows away the abilities of the T. He claims that the HPX-S will run just as skinny as the T. I can say that the S runs scary shallow! At least for what I am used to / need it to (everglades national park). If you were in Florida I would offer you a water test and let you see for yourself.


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