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Capt Donh and Dino Adventure - returning high and dry in the 10k's

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If there is a better truck window view...please post it !!!




the day started with clear skys and an incoming tide...


We hit all the usual spots on the way south; however, little love....


We made down near the Chatham and DonH says, let's slow troll along this shore line....

A few shots into some pot holes and up came my personal best for a Choko trout....he measure 4 lbs on DonH's certified scale.  I've found the white swimming mullet on a popping cork really works well....I was throwing live shrimp and getting the summer catfish bite.....




We fished hard, found a few snooklets....found a nice school of Macks off Pavillion under diving birds...took a few home to smoke and under the macks it was sail cat palooza as every other cast produced a sail cat.....but, the outgoing tide against a stronger then predicted SE wind resulted in not much water movement and we found  a few reds (all under slot) a few more slot trout, but, not a stellar day...

The skiff ran great as always...and we (well at least I did), arrive back at the dock - high and dry :)




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