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I purchased a Humminbird Helix 12 for the bow of my boat to run 360.  I'm ready to get another Helix for the console but will be getting the Mega/SI/GPS/G3n version to network with the base Helix up front.  I did notice on the Helix I have that the base maps stink!   They offer a few options that are compatible with Hbird.  Their own Lakemaster Charts and Navionics.  The Navionics are a Garmin product and I know that my Garmin at the helm isn't great in some areas.  Particularly in the Glades.  

Is there anyone that has experience with aftermarket charts for Humminbird?  Any thoughts on the Navionics for Hbird?  Looks like they do not offer cards for Garmin.  Guessing because the Garmin products come with the Navionics pre loaded?  

My plan is to also pick up either a Simrad or Lowrance for the helm so that I can get the FMT cards.  I'd really like to have the capability to use them in FL and LA.  Not sure if I will even use the Simrad/Lowrance for anything other than the maps; although, I'm sure their products would be good for imaging as well.  

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13 hours ago, rubble said:

My plan is to also pick up either a Simrad or Lowrance for the helm so that I can get the FMT cards

Good decision...having just spent a day with COTO on his RF21 and a Lowrance system...If I had to buy a new unit, $ for donuts, the Lowrance would be where I'd go....for $1200 or so, you can load the FMT chip and it works very well...I believe it's an Elite model...but, it worked fine...if you have an extra $1K...definately go with the Simrad.....I love the knob scroll....in/out...but, let your budget and personal preference determine....look at them both...just don't underbuy the processing power or size..min 9 inch seems to be the sweet spot.




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