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We ran Captain Tom's Master Angler on Saturday, launching at Outdoor Resorts Chokoloskee at first light. The schizophrenic weatherman had it wrong again-6 to 8 from the SE turned out to be 10-15, so we stayed in the backcountry. Tide was outgoing. Water temps are going up--low 80 degree range most of the day.  Throwing soft plastics (pink Saltwater Assassin Sea Shads seem to work best), live shrimp on jig heads, and GULP! Shrimp on jig heads (mostly New Penny, but the white ones with pink tails worked well too), we caught more than a dozen snook--mostly drinks--a handful of reds including a couple slot size, several nice trout, a decent sheepshead, a juvenile Atlantic Goliath Grouper, and a mixture of jacks, ladyfish, snapper, sail cats. Moving water and structure were keys to success. As the tide slacked, we looked for pinch points between small islands where the wind channeled the water and bait and usually found fish on the down current side. Overall, a very nice day. Here's a couple of pictures of me and Tom.




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