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Gunnel Carpet


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I was in Ft. Pierce last week and was looking around Marine Connection Liquidators. They have a pretty good selection of Maverick gunnel carpet piled up in their warehouse. I didn't check everything they had because it was not easily accessible, but I did find carpet to fit the 18 HPXV and the 15 HPXV at least. They had the carpet in grey, dark green, dark blue and black. The black was plain, with no embroidery, the other colors had the embroidered tarpon/bonefish/permit, depending on the boat. The carpet is located on the south wall of the outer warehouse about halfway between the outer delivery doors and stacked up on a shelf situated about 5' above the floor. If you're interested, bring along the exact dimensions for your own boat, the carpets are in unmarked stacks.

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On 6/6/2019 at 4:23 PM, pondfisher said:

Ah, the perils of living on the west coast, lol.  I desperately need new under gunnel carpet - or something.  Mine is hanging off and I don't think I can fit anymore 5200 under there!😆

Wait till you hang that SHO on there, it will be really tattered after that!

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Marine Connection Liquidators consists of 2 large warehouses full of new and used marine gear. The gunnel carpet that I found was thrown in a heap on one of their storage racks. I doubt anyone working there knows exactly what that carpet is or where it's located in the warehouse. The carpets themselves have no markings which would indicate which model Maverick skiff they were made for. You will need the exact measurements of your existing carpet, including the cut-outs for the rod racks, in order to get the proper match (assuming they even have it). I suppose you could call them and ask them  to go digging through the piles for you. The worst they can do is say no.

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